Flux for Chamber Orchestra (8:00)

Flux is composed from two contrasting theme groups representing sadness and joy, fear and courage, despair and hope.  Dialogue between the two continues throughout the piece, with solo statements interspersed with more complex textures.  Sad theme A is immediately stated by solo bassoon, followed by winds responding with encouraging theme B. Dialogue between the two themes continues throughout the piece, leading to resolution. Flux: the rate of flow of a fluid, energy, radiant particles, or fluid across a given area. Performed by Symphony Tacoma players as part of Cascade Composers Workshop, July 2021.  One of six works recorded as part of the workshop (see minute 38 for Flux).

I thoroughly enjoyed Flux –  Bravo!! The piece has a beautiful structural flow and the orchestration is gorgeous. Some especially fine playing from the performers as well.

Michael Nicolella
guitarist and composer

I just had the chance to listen to your music from the video you shared with us last week and wanted to say WOW! I don’t have any musical education so this is just how the music made me feel. Impressive! Gave me goose bumps. I loved every minute of it. Thank you for putting so much heart and passion into composing music and putting it out into the world.

Mandy Howard

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