Three Morning Prayers  (7:00)

Three of my personal morning prayers set to music for SATB chorus and piano.

          I. On Rising
From my inner being I welcome this new day,
full of love, and beauty, and adventure.
May my brothers and sisters of the earth:
Trees, animals, spirit beings, and fellow humans,
Be honored with love, respect, and gratitude.
May I act from the heart, with honor, in harmony.

          II. Dawn
The beauty of this dawn
reflects the beauty of Creator.
Thank you for this new day,
filled with imagination
flowing from an infinitely imaginative Creator.
We welcome the sun or the clouds or the rain or the snow;
Reflecting Gaia’s changing moods.
We ask her to be merciful
as she heals herself
from the ravages of man.
Oh, Gaia!

          III. Creation
Thank you, Great Spirit,
for the gift of free will creation,
and the awareness to use it wisely.
For true freedom is life lived
without compulsion or attachment;
facing each moment with courage
and discerning wisdom.
In this moment I choose to be One
with all around or about me.

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