A Rose

A Rose (9:45) A Rose is an abstracted and condensed interpretation of the passion of Christ. It’s like the children’s story version: simple, short, and to the point, and with an emphasis on the triumph of spirit over matter.  The piece moves through seven phases of the story: Prayers and Visions – peaceful communion, gathering strength, ominous visions (1:30) Arrest and Condemnation – arrest, trial and condemnation (1:10) Death March – heavy and slow, a painful journey (1:05) On the Cross – nailing, delirium, surrender, forgiveness, crying out (1:30) Death and Ascension – spear thrust, death, earthquake and darkness, spirit rises up (1:00) Transfiguration – stirring and forming, the call to return, descent (1:35) Reappearance – final words and reactions; ascension (1:50) Feel free to download a PDF of the score (currently no charge). To purchase a printed and bound score, with or without parts, or obtain PDF parts, please contact me.

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